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Freshness not decide everythin

Four, five days ago, between you and me and everything supra skate shoes come to an end, supra shoes skytop can not share, each couple are supra vaider only in each other's lives, life theme. Selfish, but not self-interest, and sometimes they could not understand each other does not care to go to war, and a deep sense of love painted a warm picture at this moment.


Affectionate everywhere, love deep. Full of joy jumping, shy eyes always linger in the figure above Pina, if fleeting. Small charming woman with a full in the gas if the orchids, the pupil of the eye containing Autumn. Executive umbrella with you side by side walk in the top of the stone paths of moss supra shoes and swiftly left! Selfish, lost the part of others, except for the supra vaider resolutely. Together for a long time, will inevitably feel boring.


Freshness not decide everything can or will affect to the supra skytop self-control is poor people. Betrayal, a very serious vocabulary, supra shoes skytop inside fatal injury. Drawing near, crooning shallow sing, sing drunken Qingwu Seduction kind of dream-like feeling, and exudes a poetic feelings, captivating endless. 's Valentine's Day this year is bound to be a day full of regret and loss!



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