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I was not strong, but I want to dream launch assault horn, I have to struggle, even if so my blood boiling as gunpowder severe burning, and I want to struggle, even if weak body as braggadocio become the fuel of the sun, I will be brave reload chest, I will be confused into force of the struggle, through the mud stepped on the green, over the mountains, across the sea, raised the sails of hope to open the new course, and I firmly believe that, as long as the road at the foot of the heart in front of.


Life, but is a one plus one equals a math problem, a dream and once work is equal to the first harvest, once a friend and care about equal to a happy, a lesson plus an experience equal time to grow a confidence plus a road equal a success. Like quietly nike air max purchase.Accustomed lonely, but still in the habit of seasons you can not do not do not want, wish at the moment can be under a floating splash of heavy rain, wet all my thoughts, at least this can not lighten the weight of it evaporated diluted, unfortunately there is no not the existence of the so-called condensation nuclei.

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